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Ilford Ortho Plus film (Pic: Ilford Photo)
Some films, such as Ilford Ortho Plus, aren’t affected by the new price rises (Pic: Ilford Photo)

Harman Technology, the company which produces Ilford-branded film, paper and chemicals, has announced a new price rise taking effect this month.

In a document sent to dealers this week, Harman announced increases for Ilford and Kentmere-branded film, as well as its line of photographic papers and darkroom chemicals. The price rise takes effect from 14 March.

Price rises for film range from 3% for Delta 3200 to 7% for HP5 Plus. However, some films such as SFX 200 and Ortho Plus will not see a price rise.

Photographic papers such as the Ilford-branded fibre papers will be rising by 6.5%. Chemicals, meanwhile, will be rising by 8%.

A Harman spokesperson told Kosmo Foto the increases were caused by supply and production issues caused by the Covid pandemic.

“The decision to implement price increases is never one we take lightly but is a necessity directly resulting from rapidly increasing inflation levels, global supply chain challenges, increased transport costs and other cost increases across all aspects of the business,” he said.

“We know film photographers are tired and perhaps sceptical of hearing these messages, particularly on top of the financial pressures we all face with the rising cost of living. Our goal as a business is to make film photography and printing as accessible as possible for everyone and we appreciate cost increases make that a challenge. Rest assured we have and will always do whatever we can to keep prices as low as possible.”

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