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LLL 35/2 lens on camera (Pic: Light lens Lab)
The new lens first Leica Thread Mount cameras such as the Canon 7 (Pic: Light Lens Lab)

Chinese lens maker Light Lens Lab is releasing a new collapsible 35/2 wide-angle lens for Leica screw mount cameras.

The LTM (Leica Thread Mount) lens, which is based on a previous eight-element lens the company built for Leica M-mount.

The lens maker has released a short video of the lens being screwed onto an LTM body on Instagram.

Website Leica Rumors said of the new lens: “The new lens will be available in silver chrome, black paint, or chrome with nickel plating. There is no official release date yet.”

Light Lens Lab sent Kosmo Foto a selection of images of the new lens, which can be seen below.

The price of the new lens is expected to be similar to that of the Leica M-mount lens, which retails for around $1,600 (£1,185/€1,420). As yet, there are no detail on when the new lens will be made available.

The new lens is one of the first LTM lenses released since the late 1990s, when Cosina released a number of Voigtlander-branded lenses for its Bessa range of LTM cameras.

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