TTArtisan 28/5.6 lens (Pic: TTArtisan/Instagram)
The new lens is based on the classic Summaron made by Leitz in the 1950s and 60s (Pic: TTArtisan/Instagram)

Two new wide-angle lenses for Leica M-mount have been unveiled by Cosina and TTArtisan.

TTArtisan has unveiled its latest lens, a 28mm wide-angle based on the famous Summaron, which was produced by Leitz between 1955 and 1963.

The new 28/5.6 lens features seven elements in four groups, a six-blad aperture and a minimum focusing distance of 1m (3.3ft).

The lens measures 51mm (2″) in diameter, 19mm  long and weighs just 151g (5.3oz). It takes a 37mm filter. A number of pictures of the new lens can be seen on the site Leica Rumors.

(Pic: TTArtisan/Instagram)

Cosina, meanwhile, has announced a 21/3.5 Skopar lens as part of its Voigtlander Vintage Line.

The Japanese lens maker says the lens’s cosmetic design is based on classic lenses of the past, with the lens using modern production methods. It also said that it compromised on the maximum possible aperture in order to produce as small and as light a lens as possible.

The lens, which will be available by the end of 2021, will be made in three different styles: Type I, Type II in silver, and Type II in black.

Three Cosina 21mm lenses (Pic: Cosina)
The new Cosina lens is being offered in three different finishes (Pic: Cosina)

The lens is entirely made of metal and has nine element arranged in eight groups. The lens has a 10-blade aperture and a minimum distance of only 50cm – less than two feet. Cosina said the look of the lens is influenced by Voigtlander designs from the 1950s. It measures 52mm in diameter and weighs 220g.

According to Digital Camera Info, the new Cosina lenses will be available in December with a retail price in the US of around $750 (£555/€662).

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Peter Neale
Peter Neale
2 years ago

Interested to see a review and price guide for the TTArtisan lens. Not so much the Voigtlander as I just bought (second-hand) a Color-Skopar 21/4. Two very different lenses here. TTArtisan provide good value for their price, Voigtlander further up market but normally 1/10 the price of a Leica lens.

Jay Javier
Jay Javier
2 years ago

At last, 7Artisans/DJ optical made a practical, compact wide angle for the M.