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Kosmo Foto Agent Shadow (Pic: Martin Duncan)
Kosmo Foto’s Agent Shadow, the second film in the Kosmo Foto line-up

In summer, Kosmo Foto launched a Kickstarter for our second film, Agent Shadow.

Agent Shadow is a 400-ISO 35mm film hat is fine-grained at box speed but gets much mope contrasty and atmospheric when pushed. And you can push this film four stops beyond its box speed – ISO 6400.

The film, which was launched alongside a special Briefcase Box and a graphic novella called ‘The 36 Frames’. It raised more than 100% of the funding target needed and film will be heading out to backers next month.

While the Kickstarter backers are obviously first in the queue, Kosmo Foto’s overjoyed to report that we can now offer Kosmo Foto Agent Shadow film for pre-order for delivery in November.


This pre-order is only for private customers and allows you to get your hands on the film before it makes its way to shops and online retailers around the world.

You can see in the images below – taken by Kosmo Foto and some of the wonderful photographers who shot test rolls of the film earlier this year – just how contrasty the film becomes when pushed to ISO 1600, 3200 and 6400. Films this flexible are a great thing to have in the camera bag just in case you find yourself out when the light gets low and the shadows lengthen…

The film only costs £5 a roll (£6 including VAT for UK and EU customers) and each customer can buy between three and 10 rolls of this strictly limited batch.

At the moment, it looks like this film will ship to customers in the first week of November, though we will obviously keep you posted if this changes.

Keep your eyes posted for more example posts of the film in the coming weeks, and some guidance for how to develop the film at a range of ISOs if you plan to develop it yourself.

Underwater picture of bather (Pic: Anthony Rue)
(Pic: Anthony Rue)
Woman raising arm (Pic: Roxanna Angles)
Pic: Roxanna Angles)
Man at crossing with truck rushing by (Pic: Robert Andrews)
(Pic: Robert Andrews)
Man in retro coat and hat (Pic: Stephen Dowling)
(Pic: Stephen Dowling)
Gull flying off wall (Pic: Starla Little)
(Pic: Starla Little)
Fish near seaweed (Pic: Stephen Dowling)
(Pic: Stephen Dowling)
Dog in late-afternoon light (Pic: Anthony Rue)
(Pic: Anthony Rue)

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