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Kodak Pro Image 100 (Pic: Jakob Owens/Wikimedia Commons)
Kodak Pro Image 100 was introduced in 1997 (Pic: Jakob Owens/Wikimedia Commons)

Kodak Alaris has quashed rumours that it has discontinued its Pro Image 100 colour negative film.

Kosmo Foto became aware of reports the film was being axed – at least in the US – on Tuesday (24 August), with low sales being blamed.

But Kodak Alaris’s manager of film capture product Thomas Mooney confirmed the film is still in production.

He told Kosmo Foto: “We have not discontinued sales of our Kodak Professional Pro Image 100 film. That said, it is certainly lower on the priority list than our main running colour negative films (ie Portra, Ektar, Gold and Utramax), all of which are in very high demand at the moment.

“That’s particularly true for Portra 400 as a result of Fuji’s announced discontinuance of their 400H,” he said.

Pro Image 100 is a recent addition to the Kodak line-up in the US and Europe, having previously been a speciality product for markets such as Latin America and Asia available since 1997. The 100-ISO film was designed to be stable in hot climates without the need for cold storage, much like consumer films such as Kodak Gold. It was only added to Kodak Alaris’s roster in Europe in 2018 and in the US in 2019.

While the film has not been discontinued, Kosmo Foto understands that regular stocks may not be available until 2022.

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