Reveni Labs Spotmeter (Pic: Reveni Labs/Kickstarter)
The new meter uses a novel tow-eye aiming method (Pic: Reveni Labs/Kickstarter)

Reveni Labs has launched its new spotmeter on Kickstarter – with the project reaching its funding target of CAN$28,000 (£16,000/$22,000) in less than two hours.

The Reveni Labs Spot Meter which weighs just 35g, is one of the smallest ever made. The 3D-printed meter takes a reading from a narrow 1.5° area, and has ISO readings up to 12,800. The meter is used with a novel two-eye aiming method which superimposes the reading on the viewing of the subject.

The spotmeter comes around a year after Reveni Labs founder Matt Bechberger launched the original hotshoe meter on Kickstarter, which raised more than CAN$124,000 on the platform.

The spotmeter’s Kickstarter page lists the new meter’s features as:

  • Spot metering (~1.5 degree) 6”(15cm) circle at 20ft (6m)
  •  Bright internal OLED display
  • Innovative two-eye aiming method
  • Simple controls and menu
  • Single, two-spot average and “precision method” metering modes
  •  Aperture or shutter-priority modes
  • Exposure compensation in 1/3 stops (-2 to +2 stop range)
  • Powere by two alkaline LR44 batteries
  •  Dimensions: 2.8″(71mm) L x 1.2″(30.5) W x 1.5″(38) H
  • Weight: 35 grams (1.25 oz

Reveni Labs schematic (Pic: Revin Labs/Kickstarter)

The meter can handle shutter speeds from one hour to 1/8000s in one-stop increments, and apertures from f0.7 to f1.024 (also one-stop increments. The ISO range goes from 1 to 12,800, and includes useful ISOs such as 125, 160 and 640.

Unlike the hotshoe meter, the new spotmeter can take continuous readings, aswell as locking the current reading.

“Vintage spot meters are in high demand with limited supply, and new spot meters command high prices as they are targeting the professional photographer market,” says Bechberger on the Kickstarter page. “Reveni Labs seeks to find the middle ground to provide a spot meter that meets the needs of modern film camera users, with a lower price point and relevant feature set.

“The Reveni Labs Spot Meter uses a novel approach to spot meter aiming.  Instead of relying on a pass-through viewfinder system, the Reveni Labs Spot Meter uses a two-eye aiming method.  One eye receives the data while the other eye observes the scene, and the brain combines the two into a virtual overlay in your mind.  This drastically reduces the weight and size of the meter.”

The Kickstarter page includes a GIF showing how the eyes see the reading superimposed over the image.

The new meters cost CAN$225 (£128.50/$177) and the meters are expected to ship in August 2021.

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