Lime One meter (Pic: Lime One/Kickstarter)
The meter is designed for use on classic film cameras (Pic: Lime One/Kickstarter)

Hot on the heels of the Reveni Labs meter launched earlier this year, another external light meter has been launched on Kickstarter.

Produced by Johannes Heberlein, a German inventor, the Hedeco Lime One meter is designed to sit in a camera hotshoe.

“Lime One is a compact light meter, that works with all cameras that have the ability to manually adjust the exposure settings,” Heberlein says in the Kickstarter campaign.

“After getting frustrated using clunky external meters and apps that are slow to access (unlock phone, search and start app, transfer settings) I decided to create a fast to use light meter, that is compact enough to permanently live on my camera.”

The suggested exposure readings change in real time if the intensity of the light changes, the Kickstarter page says.

The Kickstarter campaign’s pledges include a meter for as little as €99 (£93.40/$117).

Meter mounted on Seagull TLR (Pic: Lime One/Kickstarter)
The meter can be mounted on various cameras with the aid of accessory adaptors (Pic: Lime One/Kickstarter)

The Kickstarter page list’s the meter’s features as:

  • fast operation and start up, stored previous settings
  • four modes: aperture priority, shutter priority, manual mode, exposure value
  • knurled control wheel to set parameters quickly
  • change secondary parameters by holding the button when turning the wheel

The meter is able to be used in the four following modes:

  • A (aperture priority, default): Choose an aperture number and the meter will calculate the appropriate shutter speed.
  • S (shutter priority): Set the desired shutter speed and the light meter calculates the aperture.
  • M (manual mode): You set the shutter speed as well as the aperture. The Lime One calculates the exposure offset and displays it on a scale on the bottom of the screen.
  • EV (exposure value): It displays the exposure value, incorporating the ISO and the exposure offset in the reading.
LIme One adaptors (Pic: Lime One/Kickstarter)
The rewards include cases and adaptors to mount the meters (Pic: Lime One/Kickstarter)

Lime One is also offering a range of accessories including a case and a range of adapters which help the camera mount on almost any camera. According to the Kickstarter page these are:

  • a simple standoff for cameras that have obstructions near the accessory shoe
  • 90° angle bracket for cameras with the accessory shoe mounted sideways
  • a dual slot extension when wanting to combine the light meter with other accessories like an external finder (cold shoe – no electrical connection!)

The meter’s anodised aluminium body is available in two finishes: natural (silver) and black.

The Lime One Kickstarter runs until 6 November and is seeking €25,000. By the end of the campaign’s first day it had raised more a third of the target.

The meters are expected to ship in April 2021.

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