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Intrepid 5x7 (Pic: Intrepid Cameras)
The new camera also comes with a range of accessories (Pic: Intrepid Cameras)

British large format camera producer Intrepid has announced the release of a new 5×7 camera.

The Intrepid 5×7 is based on the design of the company’s 4×5 and 8×10 cameras, and a range of accessories have also been released on its launch.

Intrepid said in a press release: “The Intrepid 5×7 has all the features you would expect from a traditional 5×7 camera but at a fraction of the cost and weighing only 1.4 kg (3.2 Ib).

“Featuring tried and tested parts used in our current 4×5 and 8×10 cameras, including fully

independent front standard movements and high-end linear focus, both giving you maximum control over your shots.

Intrepid 5x7 (Pic: Intrepid Cameras)
(Pic: intrepid Cameras)

“The front and rear standards are made from our signature furniture-grade birch plywood (waxed to seal the surface), while the base and front supports are sleek anodised aluminium. All the plastic components are 3D printed in-house using sustainable, high quality PLA and the bellows are triple layered, water-resistant nylon.

“The slim aluminium base makes the camera incredibly sturdy no matter your lens choice. While the rear-controlled focus is quick to use (locking as soon as you stop turning), and allows for extremely fine tuning, especially helpful when shooting with wider apertures.

“Along with the Intrepid 5×7 camera we have also launched a range of accessories including: a 4×5 reducing back for the 5×7 camera, a 5×7 reducing back for our 8×10 MK2 camera, and a custom 5×7 lens board.”

The cameras can be ordered now and Intrepid says production time is between four and six weeks. The cameras cost £380 ($475).

Intrepid 5x7 (Pic: Intrepid Cameras)
(Pic: Intrepid Cameras)

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2 years ago

How about publishing the specs for the camera? Bellows draw. Widest lens usable without a recessed board and with a recessed board?