A Prague side street (All pics: Veronika Exnerova)

By Veronika Exnerova

My name is Veronika. I live in the Czech Republic, in the most beautiful city, Prague. And I am an analogue photographer. My “friend” is a Canon A-1,  a 35 mm SLR camera made in Japan in the 1980s.

I have had this one almost three years, I bought it at the Prague photo bazaar along with a 50mm lens – which I have all the time and I do not need to change.  It is perfect lens for me and my photos. I love this camera so much, mostly because it allows me to take multi-exposure photos and because we simply belong together.

I can remember taking my first analogue pictures when I was really young girl. Many years and several cameras later, I still love this form of keeping memories, I still have things, people, places and experiences to remember and analogue photography has magic. It takes time to think about the right shot and you almost never know what your old camera might do with your photo intention. Sometimes, most often in winter, my Canon is messing me around with some defects, but I still like it.

I am mostly taking my photos in Prague, all over this beautiful city. I like looking for abandoned places as well as I look for inspiration in some of the more famous places. Prague has some very special and amazing locations for great shooting. If you are looking for some traditional places, you must start with the Old Town Square with a view of Prague’s Astronomical Clock.

The Canon A-1 (Pic: Veronika Exnerova)
The Canon A-1 (Pic: Veronika Exnerova)

This astrological automated clock dates from the late 1400s. In the Czech Republic, the Prague Astronomical Clock is known simply as the Orloj, from the Latin word horologium. After this place – the heart of Prague – you can go to the Vltava river and enjoy the view of many old bridges, especially the most famous one: Charles Bridge.

This bridge has many old statues, and you can walk across it to the National Theatre, then from there take  your camera to Wenceslas square and enjoy the renovated Nation Museum.

Then you can walk to Prague Castle, Vyšehrad and many others famous places, magical sites for many of photographers. I prefer the largely empty side streets with old local stores and many old houses. I also often take pictures in places like a cemetery at Vyšehrad (the most famous cemetery in the Czech Republic) or on some of the city’s  viewpoints like Letná, Petřín Hill, Vítkov Hill and others.

When you visit Prague, simply walk around the city, by walk, by bike or tram, and perceive the rush of this beautiful place and of the people who live here. And be sure that you take some great photos.

  • You can see more of Veronika’s images on her Instagram – @veroexnerova

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Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas
4 years ago

Very nice!! I love my A-1 as well (although it needs new light seals) and now you’ve made me want to visit Prague with your great pictures!

Jeroen van Weert
Jeroen van Weert
4 years ago

Nice photographs from a city I have yet to discover. But this is the fun of this series, one gets to see 80 different cities! I use my Canon EF and AE1 much more than the A1 because the A1 “eats” batteries.