Kodak has begun sending out the first batches of the new Ektachrome 100 slide film to selected photographers to test.

The film, which was announced at the CES show in January 2017, has been in development ever since. It was initially expected to be released at the tail end of last year.

UK-based photographer Jason Hu posted images of his batch of 10 rolls of the test film on Facebook on Friday, saying: “Brand new!”

The film had been sent to a friend of his in Guangzhou in China, who works for GZNow.org.

In a thread on Reddit’s r/analog subreddit, there was also an Instagram Story screengrab from photographer @benjhaisch, showing a bubble-wrapped brick of 10 rolls.

The beta testing release follows a video back in June which showed the first test shots in June.

Ektachrome 100 marks the return of the famous Ektachrome marque to Kodak’s roster after the last remaining versions of the film – including E100G and E100VS – were canned in 2011.

It was the last remaining slide emulsion produced by Kodak, following the discontinuation of its famous Kodachrome slide back in 2009.

Kodak has not yet released a firm date for the re-release after testing, but it is expected to be later in 2018.

The re-release of Ektachrome follows the return of Kodak’s much-loved TMax P3200 high-speed black-and-white emulsion earlier this year.

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