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Kodak logo (Pic: Eastman Kodak)
The future of Kodak Professional-branded development chemicals had been in doubt (Pic: Eastman Kodak)

Kodak’s range of photographic chemicals are returning to production after a US chemicals producer secured the worldwide licence for Kodak Professional-branded development chemicals.

Photo Systems Inc in Dexter, Michigan will now produce Kodak Professional-branded chemicals after Chinese producer Sino Promise announced earlier this year that it was exiting the photo chemical business.

Sino Promise was sold the rights to Kodak Professional-branded chemicals by Kodak Alaris, which markets the film produced by Eastman Kodak, in 2020.

A newsletter by US photographer John Sexton announced the news on Wednesday (15 November) thought it appears the deal was finalised in September.

A statement from Photo Systems Inc said: “On September 1, 2023 Photo Systems Inc. became the worldwide licensee for Kodak Professional chemistry. Prior to this time, Photo Systems Inc. manufactured photographic chemistry for Kodak Alaris, the film licensee that continues to operate today. Subsequently, when Kodak Alaris sold its chemical business to Sino Promise, we continued manufacturing chemistry for them.

“In early 2023, Sino Promise decided to exit the chemistry business. This prompted us to begin the process of securing a licensing agreement directly from Eastman Kodak, enabling us to operate as both the licensee and manufacturer of Kodak Professional chemistry. We are pleased to announce that we recently successfully secured that agreement.

“Currently, we are in the process of rebranding the products under the Kodak brand with Photo Systems Inc. as the licensee and manufacturer. Our plan is to reintroduce the entire range of black and white products by December 15, 2023, followed by the release of C-41, E-6, and RA-4 color products.

“We are in the process of establishing a network of distributors worldwide and expect to begin exporting these products in the first quarter of 2024. The Kodak Professional chemicals brand has a long and rich history, and a reputation for excellent quality. It has garnered a dedicated and passionate following among analog photographic enthusiasts, and we are anticipating that the brand will be widely available in 2024.”

The announcement has been met with relief by many photographers, as stocks of many popular Kodak formulations had started to run low.

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Richard Novak
Richard Novak
13 days ago

That’s great news.

10 days ago

That’s great news! Also, sounds like they will be made in America – great news too. Even better, I only live about 20 miles from Dexter!