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Keks KM-Q meter (Pic: Keks)
The meter is Keks’ smallest design to date (Pic: Keks)

Chinese light meter maker Keks has unveiled its smallest hot shoe light meter yet – one little bigger than a sugar cube.

The Keks KM-Q is a compact OLED light meter which measures just 21mm by 25.5mm but still has comparable features to its larger KM02 meter.

Keks said in the new meter’s listing: “The KM-Q is an ultra-compact OLED light-meter designed for analogue cameras. With a size comparable to a sugar cube, the KM-Q’s compactness redefines portability, positioning it as the most compact model in our line-up.

“Despite being only half the size of the KM02, the KM-Q still inherits the exceptional build quality and outstanding performance synonymous with the KM02 model. The KM-Q is available in both top and back display versions, catering to the diverse needs of film photography enthusiasts.”

Keks KM02 and KM-Q meters (Pic: Keks)
(Pic: Keks)

The new meter, which is made of aluminium, weighs less than 20 grams.

The new meter is available in either black or chrome and has fittings to fit three different types of flash mounts. Keks said the meter will operate for 20 hours on one charge. The meter’s battery is recharged via a USB-C port.

Keks said the new meter has upgraded software compared to the KM02 and has more accurate readings.

The meter’s other specifications are:

Metering angle: 30° average metering (approximate 50mm lens view), reflective light metering
ISO: 50 to 8000
f/1.0 to f/64 
Shutter speed: 
30s to 1/6400

The new meter is available to pre-order now, with deliveries starting in late September. The meter costs $80 (£65).

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