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Kodak Ektar H35N examples (Pic: Retro Project)
The camera comes in six different colours (Pic: Retro Project)

Reto Project has launched a new version of the Kodak Ektar H35 half-frame called the H35N.

The new version of the camera includes several new features, including a star-shaped filter, a tripod socket, a bulb shutter speed and a new lens with glass elements.

Reto Project said in a press release: “Featuring built-in star filter, bulb function with a tripod hole, and a coated partial glass lens, the Kodak Ektar H35N possesses three new highlights that are rarely found on other reusable film cameras. The star filter adds special effects when shooting illuminating objects, giving room for creating dreamy outcomes.

The press release added: “With the bulb shutter and a cable release, you can control the duration of shooting and capture the trail of moving objects. Long exposure function is usually applied at night. We have also added a tripod hole at the bottom of the camera. For best results, use a tripod to keep your camera steady while using the bulb function.”

Two Kodak Ektar H35N (Pic: Retro Project)
(Pic: Retro Project)

The new version of the camera comes with a redesigned lens which now boasts partial glass construction, Reto Project added. “The H35N Camera features a coated, improved optic lens. One element of acrylic lens is replaced by glass lens which helps to improve the sharpness of the images.”

The new cameras are available in six different colours in two separate finishes. We are excited to reveal these two series which features a shiny steel finish at the body front. One series combines the CD-like metallic surface with vivid colours of blue, orange and pink, giving a playful vibe. While another series is stripe patterned. It delivers a low-key lavish feeling with three options of black, silver and green.”

The first version of the Kodak-branded simple half-frame camera was released by the Hong Kong-based company in May 2022.

The Kodak Ektar 35N’s specification is as follows:

Film format: 35mm (Half Frame)

Film transport: Manual wind and rewind

Optical lens: 22mm F8, Coated

Lenses: One glass lens, one aspherical acrylic lens

Shutter release: 1/100 and Bulb shutter

Flash: Built-in

Filter: Built-in Star Filter

Power supply: One AAA alkaline battery

Dimensions: 110(W) x 62(H) x 39(D) mm

Weight: 110(g)

Materials: ABS/Aluminium

The camera has an RRRP of US$65 and is available to order through Reto Project now.

You can see a gallery of pics taken on the camera and provided by Reto Project below:

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28 days ago

The price is certainly good. Confession: I own and love 1/2-frame 35mm cameras — I have long been possessed by a simple Canon Dial-35 viewfinder, and an Olympus Pen-FT SLR and its kit of small lenses. For compact convenience, go half-frame.

27 days ago

This is ultra cool. The cam is affordable and half frame is film budget friendly, too. IMHO, this camera has the genes to become a legend.

amigo toro
amigo toro
15 days ago

Since I recently purchased an Ektar half-frame, I definitely enjoy shooting on it. Here’s an interesting idea – could someone manufacture a 120 film half-frame camera? Since 120 film usually only has 12 frames, this would be a good idea to get pictures per roll…