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The camera is described as having a colour palette unlike any other current film (Pic: Lesley Lazenby)

The Film Photography Project has released an ultra-low ISO colour film just in time for summer.

Called Sun Color 1, the film has an ISO of just 1 and the US-based photography brand described it as having a colour palette unlike any other colour film available on the market.

The FPP said: “For unique, exceptional color movies with altered blues and vibrant reds choose FPP SUN Color 1, the newest low ISO color negative movie film from the Film Photography Project. FPP Sun Color is a technical film designed for making contact prints in a lab. When shot in your 35mm SLR camera, it delivers a color palette unlike any other color film!”

It added: “FPP Sun Color 1 is a low-speed color 35mm film for use in manual SLR cameras or cameras that dial down to ISO 1 and comes in 24 exposure individual rolls. If your camera can’t be set to ISO 1, you can dial in ISO 25 and then open up five more f-stops.

(Images above by Lesley Lazenby and provided by FPP)

“Intended for use in bright sunlight, FPP Color can adapt to lower lighting conditions with a longer shutter speed and use of a tripod. FPP Color is processed using standard C-41 color processing.”

FPP founder Michael Raso told Kosmo Foto: “One of my jobs at FPP is to research and develop new, different and exciting film products. While we’re not a film emulsion coating plant, we do develop new films from existing film manufacturing factories all over the world. Our latest and greatest – FPP Sun Color 1 offers unique colour hues not similar to any other films we currently carry.

(Images above by Greg Tamura)

“We’re introducing it in 16mm for movie film shooters and 35mm for still photographers. For shooters who don’t use a light meter, each film canister will have a “cheat sheet” on the lid so you can immediately start shooting with your manual SLR camera in the blazing sun!”

Raso provided an image of the guide, which you can see below.

FPP Sun Color 1 cheat sheet (Pic: FPP)

Sun Color 1costs $11.99 for a roll of 24-exposure 35mm, and is also available as a 16mm ECN-2 film in a 100ft (30m) roll. This costs $60.99

The new film is one of a number of FPP-branded films sold by the company, which started its podcast and film shop in 2009.

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