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Chroma camera CubePan (Pic: Chroma Camera)
The new version of the camera has a front grip to make the camera easier to hold with large lenses (All pics: Chroma Camera)

Chroma Camera has announced a new version of the CubePan 35mm camera, which was originally released last year.

Chroma Camera’s Steve Lloyd told Kosmo Foto the new version of the camera was “an exciting multi-format panoramic 35mm camera system which uses magnetic lens cones to allow for multiple focal lengths from 47mm to 180mm, along with compatibility with all Mamiya Press lenses and a dedicated pinhole plate too”.

He added: “After building the original version since then, I’ve been working with the photographers using them to improve the camera further, and have now released the new 2023 model to my website.

“The new model retains all of the original features that has made it so popular, including the same compact size and lens compatibility, and has now added several new features to improve the handling further.”

Chroma Camera CubePan and lens (Pic: Chroma Camera)

The 35mm camera can shoot three different formats – 24x24mm, 24x48mm and 24x72mm panoramic.

The new camera also features a darkslide holder so that lenses can be changed on the camera without affecting the film in the back.

Lloyd told Kosmo Foto: “The darkslide was added because, especially when using the smallest frame size (24x24mm for 52 frames), it may take a photographer some time to complete the roll. As a result, the ability to swap lenses whilst using the same roll of film allows for much more creativity/experimentation, instead of needing to wait for the roll to be finished before switching.”

He said the camera also now features a grip similar to the one on Chroma Camera’s medium format designs. “The grip is a similar style to my larger medium format Six:9 and Six:12 cameras. When I first designed the CubePan, it felt like the smaller camera didn’t need the grip, and I was happy with the ergonomics. However, since more photographers have been using their CubePan’s, and giving me feedback, several of them commented that the body was slightly too slim for larger/heavier lenses.

“After re-designing the grip from my larger cameras for the CubePan, I felt that the added stability from the combination of both front/rear grips helps when using the camera handheld, so I decided to make it a standard feature.”

Lloyd also said the camera has a single accessory shoe to help keep the top plate clean, and changes to the winding system so that they are similar to the other cameras in the Chroma Camera range.

Rear view of CubePan (Pic: Chroma Camera0

Another improvement, Lloyd said, is a change to the magnets used in the lens cone mount. “Whilst the magnets are the exact same ones I’ve always used to secure the entire film back on my Carbon Adventurer, so are definitely secure, I also appreciate the added comfort that comes from a physical retainer too. As a result, I’ve added a small mechanical latch on the left side of the cone (opposite the grip), which locks into a slot on the side of lens cones for larger lenses.

“Finally, the decision to add a selection of colourways to the CubePan is a nod back to my first camera, the Advanced45, which I launched via a crowdfunding project in 2018. Whilst all of my cameras have been standardised to matte black for the last 18 months, I felt that offering a small custom touch to the CubePan is something that many photographers might appreciate.”

The new version of the camera is available to order from the Chroma Camera site and costs £350.

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