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NONS SL645 camera and film (Pic: NONS)
The new camera features a Canon EF mount and shoots Instax Mini film (Pic: NONS)

Instant camera maker NONS is launching a new Instax Mini camera at the end of October.

The new SL645 will be launched via Kickstarter on 31 October.

NONS’ Dingsheng Wu told Kosmo Foto the new camera will be Canon EF mount. He listed some of the camera’s features as:

  • Native EF mount. SL645 is a passive EF mount camera, fully compatible with EF lens, and various vintage lenses of M42, Nikon F, PK, CY & medium format mount (adapter required)
  • Manual control. SL645 comes with shutter speed control, aperture control, bulb mode, multiple exposure, hot shoe for external flash

“Basically its specification is similar to SL660 but using Instax Mini film. It will also be equipped with a replaceable Li-ion battery,” Wu told Kosmo Foto.

NONS SL645 (Pic: NONS)
The camera has an anodized aluminium shell (Pic: NONS)

The new camera follows the release of the original NONS SL42 camera in 2020, and the M42-mount SL42 Mark II a year later.

Wu said the camera had several improvements compared to the original model. He said the viewfinder in the new camera has an internal focal reducer, meaning it has “the achieved the largest coverage among our existing cameras”.

View from NONS SL645 viewfinder (Pic: NONS)
An impression of the view from the camera’s viewfinder and the resulting print (Pic: NONS)

He added the new camera had much less vignetting than previous models and that the shutter had been improved. “The shutter motion delay after pressing the shutter button is about 0.05 second which is significantly faster than 0.5 second of SL42,” Wu said.


The cheapest tier is expected to go on sale for just over $400, while the most expensive tier will cost more like $540 and will include a 50mm manual lens, 35mm manual lens and four types of adapters for Nikon F, M42, Pentax PK and Contax/Yashica CY lenses.

You can see examples taken on the camera below:


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