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Atlanta Film Co Euphoric 100 film (Pic: Atlanta Film Co)
The film is bulk-rolled Eastman Kodak colour reversal film for the motion picture industry (Pic: Atlanta Film Co)

US-based film brand Atlanta Film Co has released a new film rolled from colour cinema stock: a 35mm colour reversal film called Euphoric 100.

The film – which joins its stable for bulk-rolled Kodak Vision 250D, 500T and 200T – is Eastman Kodak Color Reversal Film 5294/7294 rolled into 36-frame canister.

Atlanta Film Co said they have collaborated with Atlanta’s Dunwoody Photo and the Kodak Film Lab Atlanta to create a colour palette similar to that used in the second season of recent HBO series ‘Euphoria’.

The film is designed to be shot as an E6 reversal film but can also be cross-processed in ECN-2 chemicals to create a punchier, contrast-heavy image.

The film costs $13.50 before sales tax is added.

“Atlanta Film Co is excited to release its first colour reversal motion picture stock hand-rolled into traditional 35mm, 36-exposure for stills photography. Since its introduction in 2018, cinematographers worldwide have utilised Eastman Kodak Color Reversal Film 5294/7294 for motion-picture storytelling.

Image of Euphoric 100 developed negatives (Pic: Atlanta Film Co)
The film can also be cross processed in ECN-2 chemicals to create a negative (Pic: Atlanta Film Co)

“Many of these cinematographers use Eastman Kodak Color Reversal 5294/7294 to creatively tell their story through the saturated colours it offers. Euphoric is a medium-speed colour reversal film, offering saturated colours while maintaining neutral skin tones. It is recommended to photograph Euphoric at ISO 100 in daylight (5500K) and ISO 25 tungsten (3200K) with an 80A daylight balancing filter.


“Cinematographers like Marcell Rév creatively used Eastman Kodak Color Reversal 5294 in Season 2 of the Emmy Award-winning TV series, ‘Euphoria.’ Inspired by this captivating series while maintaining the same chemical process and similar scanning techniques, Atlanta Film Co partnered with Dunwoody Photo and, utilising Kodak Film Lab Atlanta processing services, can now provide a similar look as Season 2 of ‘Euphoria’ for stills photography.

“The recommended process for Europhic is E-6, resulting in a positive image. When cross-processed in ECN-2, Euphoric will develop as a negative with slightly enhanced grain and contrast. Upon scanning, the resulting image will yield a green tone that can be corrected with colour grading.”

Atlanta Film Co said customers can purchase development and scanning of the films when they buy the film from them.

You can see examples taken on the film below:

(Images clockwise top left: Jamie Maldonado, Joshua Crawley, Bill Manning, Dan Rubin and Tari Seagal)

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Andrew Pike
Andrew Pike
7 months ago

So basically it’s bulk-rolled Ektachrome E100D, right? Possible cheaper alternative for folks who want to shoot E-6 but don’t want to pay $20+/roll for Ektachrome E100 or Fuji’s offerings.