Silbersalz 050D film (Pic: Ars-Imago)
The four films feature eye-catching new packaging (Pic: Ars-Imago)

German film brand Silbersalz has announced four ECN-2 films, rebranded versions of Kodak cinema emulsions.

The four colour 35mm films include two tungsten-balanced films and two daylight-balanced and are:

  • Silbersalz35 050D
  • Silbersalz35 250D
  • Silbersalz35 200T
  • Silbersalz35 500T

All four films are ECN-2 process rather than C-41.

Silbersalz, a Stuttgart-based advertising and film production company, had previously offered the films as part of development package with its in-house ECN-2 lab, but is now selling the films in selected retailers.

The films now also feature eye-catching box packaging.

News of the updated film was unveiled by Italian/Swiss film retailer Ars-Imago, which announced the new line-up on Friday (2 September). They are selling the films for €13.50 a roll (£11.65/$13.50).

Ars-Imago said on an Instagram post: “We are now one of the few stores in Europe where you can get these amazing films, to give to your shots that incredible cinematic look, so make sure you check them out in our online and physical stores.”

Converted ECN-2 stock has become more common recently because of the rising cost and increased demand for colour negative film.

Studio C41 in the US recently announced its own line of ECN-2 films – in 250D and 500T varieties – in collaboration with Atlanta’s Dunwoody Photo and Kodak’s Film Lab Atlanta. The films have been released under the Atlanta Film Co brand.

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