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CatLABS X Film 320 (Pic: CatLABS)
The new film is said to be a completely new emulsion and not a rebranded version of an existing film (Pic: CatLABS)

US-based CatLABS has launched a new black-and-white film called CatLABS X Film 320.

The film, rated at ISO 320 but capable of being push-processed up to ISO 1600, is an entirely unique emulsion and not a rebranded version of an existing film, the Boston-based lab and distributor said.

The film is being released in both 35mm and 120 formats.

It said the new emulsion is “a classic, medium-speed film, designed for a wide array of shooting conditions available in 35mm (36exp) and 120 roll film” and also said it was an “ideal street film” offering versatility.

It added: “CatLABS X FILM 320 is characterised by its distinct grain quality, contrast and tonal range, not found with other currently available films.” The film is currently available to order from the CatLABS site and costs $6.78 per roll.

It also said the film:

  • Produces unique deep grey tones with an almost silvery/metallic look
  • Is suitable for low light or available light conditions
  • Exhibits a wide exposure latitude under various lighting conditions
  • Is best shot at 200 ISO when in bright sunlight, and can be pushed as high as 1600 when shooting under artificial/low-light conditions

CatLABS have released the following images, which were taken by Rodolfo Rivera and Scott Martin.

Still life of wine and food (Pic: Courtesy of CatLABS)

Woman lying on mirror (Pic:

Woman leaning in doorway in low light (Pic: Courtesy CatLABS)The new release follows an earlier version of the film, released in 2019, that was rebadged Kodak Double X cinema film.

CatLABs has also produced another film, X Film 80, which is a rebranded version of Shanghai GP3 made in China.

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