Instax Mini 40 (Pic: Fujifilm)
The new camera features retro styling and leather-look covering (Pic: Fujifilm)


Fujifilm has launched a new retro-styled Instax Mini camera, the Instax Mini 40.

The camera, which was accidentally revealed in a teaser post on Tuesday (6 April), goes on sale today.

Features-wise, the camera is virtually identical to the Instax Mini 11 which was released last year, apart from its more aesthetic camera body.

The camera includes the same 35mm-equivalent 60/12.7 lens, automatic exposure system and a range of shutter speeds from 1/2 to 1/250. The flash has a range of nearly 9ft and the lens is fixed focus, with a range of 3.3m (1ft) to infinity. The camera has a retail price of $99.99 in the US.

“The new Mini 40 will appeal to sophisticated instant photo enthusiasts, whom have already been using our Instax product for years and are now looking for an instant camera with a timeless design,” said Manny Almeida, Fujifilm North America’s imaging division president. “Designed to be easily portable, Mini 40 is finished with a high-quality texture that fits in one hand. The lustrous black camera body is accented with silver touches, resulting in a classic and chic look.”

Like the Instax Mini 11, the camera also features a “selfie mode” for taking self-portraits.

“Users can activate the Selfie Mode, perfect for taking selfies and close-up shots, by simply pulling out the front-end edge of the lens after powering the camera on,” a Fujifilm North America press release says. “This makes it incredibly easy and convenient to take selfies and close-up pictures.”

The new camera is also joined by a new Instax film, Instax Mini Contact Sheet, which is inspired by the look of old-school film contact sheets. An homage to classic film photography, the design of the new instant film is inspired by a photographer’s contact sheet. As with all Instax Mini instant film, Contact Sheet will be available in a single pack with 10 exposures.”

Instax Mini Contact Sheet film (Pic: Fujifilm)
The new film mimics the look of film contact sheets (Pic: Fujifilm)

If you want to see more, DPReview already has a hands-on gallery of the new camera.

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Amigo toro
Amigo toro
2 years ago

Fuji should also consider this film for their Instax Square & Instax Wide films.