Dubblefilm SHOW (Pic: Dubblefilm)
The Dubblefilm SHOW, perfect for new film fans (Pic: Dubblefilm)

It’s only 20 days until Christmas. If there’s a film photographer still on your gift-buying list, then you’ve come to the right place.

It has been an incredibly challenging year – with many of us having to lockdown, unable to enjoy our usual routines or being with our friends and family. Christmas is always a good excuse to treat ourselves – this year there’s just that little bit extra of an excuse.

If you’re planning on treating a film photographer in your life, here’s a little list of analogue-friendly gifts. Each of these gifts are made by boutique brands (some of them just one-person operations like Kosmo Foto). As well all know, small businesses have found 2020 very challenging. These producers will definitely appreciate your business.

This guide has everything from black-and-white film to analogue photography notebooks to film canning holders to hand-made large-format cameras. Happy shopping!

Shoot Film Co skeleton pin (Pic: Shoot Film Co)

Glow-in-the-dark lapel pin by Shoot Film Co
“The single most popular item this season: a glow in the dark lapel pin<” says Shoot Film Co founder Mike Padua. “When launching a new pin, I never really know how popular it will be. I’ve put out a number of pins so I always feel like I have some idea, but I never REALLY know. The cross section of folks who love photography and horror movie imagery is not to be underestimated, though, so this pin has been a top seller and a personal favourite since October.”
Buy it here: https://www.shootfilmco.com/collections/pins/products/35mm-film-slr-camera-skeleton-hands-glow-in-the-dark-lapel-pin

Analogheld 35mm case (Pic: Analogheld)

Metal film cases by Analogheld (35mm and 120)
Around £10
Film cases – just like hotshoe light meters – are a popular niche for 21st Century film photographers. Analogheld’s stylish metal cases are a recent addition.

Analogheld’s founder Adrian Dungert says: “The Analogheld metal cases offer a neat and stylish way to store and protect your films. They are available for 35mm or 120 rolls and come with safety warnings on the back in six (!) languages to protect your films from x-ray damage -by asking for a hand-check when travelling. On top of that the cases are food safe, making it the perfect fit between all your Christmas biscuits…”
Buy it here: Film Bros | Safelight Berlin | Retro Camera

Solarcan (Pic: Solarcan)

Solarcan by Solarcan
Solarcan’s Sam Cornwell: “Solarcan is the world’s simplest camera and a perfect gift for the curious photographer. Capable of capturing the path of the sun over days, weeks, months or years you’re unlikely to find a more unique photography project. Included with every Solarcan is a handy instruction manual and everything you need to get started. There’s no need for a darkroom, studio or chemicals. Just set up and go! Join the thriving Solarcan community that spans the globe to create unique extreme time exposure photographs.”
Buy it here: https://solarcan.co.uk/product/solarcan

Little Vintage Photography Cyanotype kit (Pic: Little Vintage Photography)

Cyanotype Mini-Kit by Little Vintage Photography
Founder Rachel Brewster-Wright: “With this three-piece kit, you can make-your-own unique and beautiful blue & white sunprint ‘photographs’ using a Victorian technique called cyanotype (discovered in the mid 1800’s) and harness the magical power of daylight.

“This kit consists of three individually wrapped 6×4 inch pieces of heavyweight watercolour paper, which have been pre-coated by hand, with a colour-changing cyanotype chemistry.

“The kit uses a simple but effective process to help everyone discover the fascinating art and science of analogue photography. It uses dry-coated chemistry to demonstrate the reactions created by light and is a fascinating alternative process, where you can create ‘photogram’ prints using just daylight and water!”
Buy it here: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LittleVintagePhotoCo 

Kosmik Film Box (Pic: Kosmo Foto)

Kosmik Film Box by Kosmo Foto
Kosmo Foto’s own Mono film launched in 2017, featuring fantastic box art from designer My Mate Does Art. Last year, we launched the Kosmik Film Box as a perfect Christmas gift set for film photographers. The box – exclusive to the Kosmo Foto Shop – features four rolls of Mono 35mm or 120 film in a luxury retro box inspired by Soviet-era graphic art.
Buy it here: 35mm | 120

Pixl-latr (Pic: Pixl-latr)

Pixl-latr by Pixl-latr
Hamish Gill, pix-latr invetor: “Pixl-latr (v1.3) is a film holder designed to aid in the process of digitising negatives and reversal film with a digital camera.

“If you’ve ever tried to digitise a negative or transparency with a digital camera, you’ll know that two of the biggest headaches are keeping the film in place and flat, and backlighting it in a uniform manner. Pixl-latr is a low cost, simple but effective film holder for solving both of these problems when digitising 35mm, 120 (up to 6×12), and 4×5 film formats.

“If you would like to find out more about how pixl-latr works, take a look at our ‘Getting Started Guide‘ (https://pixl-latr.com/how-it-works/)”
Buy it here: https://pixl-latr.com/product/pixl-latr-film-holder/

Dubblefilm SHOW (Pic: Dubblefilm)

SHOW camera by Dubblefilm
Adam Scott, Dubblefilm founder: “The SHOW is a friendly point-and-shoot 35mm camera with flash. It’s aimed at beginners who want to fire away at some rolls with no pressure and a much better alternative to disposable cameras. The 32mm lens is wider than the viewfinder makes out and there is a wave of more seasoned photographers using the SHOW for their projects, charmed by its limitations and how easy it is to take around with you. Includes neckstrap and PVC zip case.”
Buy it here: https://dubblefilm.com/collections/show-camera-by-dubblefilm

ChromaGraphica holder (Pic: Chroma Cameras)

ChromaGraphica Dry Plate Holder by Chroma Cameras
£85 to £165
Says Chroma Cameras’ Steve LLoyd: “This Christmas, why not show someone you love them (or yourself..) with a ChromaGraphica double dry plate holder!

“Chroma and Pictoriographica worked together to recreate the first film holder, designed specifically for dry plate photography, within the last 50 years and it’s a great way to try something new within the amazing analogue community. Available in the three most popular sizes, 4×5, 5×7 and 8×10.”
Buy it here: https://chroma.camera/product-category/chromagraphica-dry-plate-holder/



Glamb x JCK Photographer’s Sukajan Jacket (Pic: Japan Camera Hunter)

Glamb x JCK Photographer’s Sukajan Jacket by Japan Camera Hunter
Says Japan Camera Hunter founder Bellamy Hunt: “This is something we at JCH have wanted for a long time. A Japanese sukajan jacket. The Glamb x JCH Photographer’s Sukajan jacket comes in two styles: a metallic blue with white lettering and white/brown details and a glossy black with red lettering and details. Embroidered across the chest is the character for “Tokyo”. There is a hidden large zip pocket on the front left of the Sukajan that can easily hold your favourite compact camera, film cases, etc.

“The inside lining of the Sukajan jacket features a slight variation of the stylish “Ukiyo-e” graphic from 2019’s t-shirt. In addition, you’ll find two buttoned flaps on the back that lead to a large rear pocket that can hold anything from additional cameras, film cases, negatives, water bottles, anything you need for a big day of shooting.”
Buy it here: https://www.japancamerahunter.com/product/jch-x-glamb-official-jch-photographers-sukajan-jacket/

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