Aquaman star Jason Momoa is quite the Leica fan, it turns out.

The actor, who also appeared in Game of Thrones as the warrior king Khal Drago, released a video on Instagram announcing his involvement in a new project Leica – and showed off his collection of film and digital cameras.

In the post, released on Thursday, Momoa writes: “Excited to start a new project and film. Shooting movies on the @reddigitalcinema @leitzcine and photos on @leicacamerausa#LeicaSummicronM#M10. living on set I have learned from so many wonderful artists I want to thank Zack Synder @cruelfilms and @wfmft for starting my Leica obsession than @nicholasdominictalvola for always informing me and inspiring and @dennydenn @candytman for setting the bar. @lennykravitz always killing it. @johnson167 best gear. @kiran.karnanifor making my dreams come true. Can’t wait to show everyone It’s gonna be a great couple years filled with art #theduneadventures#pastandpresent #theroots #leicalover. Aloha J.”

In the video, Momoa shows off an impressive collection of Leica cameras, saying:

“My little addiction, I have many, like guitar and basses and Harley Davidsons and… Leicas!” he says, before the camera pans to take in a table filled with Leica cameras.

“So right now I have this really cool project going on so I want to do it with Leica.”

Momoa then talks through his cameras, including a well-brassed 1958 Leica M2 with a 1958 50mm lens. He then also show a new Leica M10 digital camera which he says he has just been sent by Leica.

Momoa also shows off another film body with a 1930s-era 75mm lens attached.

A laughing Momoa doesn’t give any more details on what the project is, but Kosmo Foto is confident there will be further updates…

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