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The full range of Yodica films (Pic: Yodica)

The pre-exposed film market – with films from the like of Dubble, Kono and Revelog – is a growing one.

Now a new company from Italy has joined the party, offering colour films complete with a range of bright, saturated fonts.

Yodica is run by a pair of Milan-based film fans – Marco Barbereschi and Cinzia Cancedda.

The films are already available to buy in the UK via Analogue Wonderland and The Photographer’s Gallery.

As the test shots show, the effect is much more pronounced than in earlier films such as Dubble Sunstroke. The colours are much more saturated and spread over the entire frame.

Yodica have brought out seven films so far, with the films retailing for around £9 a roll.

Kosmo Foto spoke to Barbereschi to find out more about the film.

What influenced you to create these films?
If Yodica was born, it’s all thanks to my fiancée Cinzia.

At first these creative effects were used only by me, I did many art exhibitions with my photos.

Cinzia, who loved those creative results so much, encouraged me to share my knowledge and allow other people the possibility to benefit from it.

She’s an illustrator, therefore we joined our skills for create this new brand.She’s the designer of our labels.

Why go for such an extreme effect?
“Because I love overturn reality, and create a new way to see the world, from a different perspective filled with colours.”

What has feedback been like from people who’ve used it?
“People are very intrigued by our creative effects our design, we receive a lots of compliments and questions. And those who bought them have been very satisfied so far.”

What kind of camera do you recommend the films for?
“I don’t have a specific camera to suggest. The only advice I can give, is that toys cameras are quite suitable because of their lo-fi lens. And If you shoot a subject in low light, the creative colours may overshadow the resulting image.”

Explain the differences between the types you’re producing
“We have seven different films currently…

The new Yodica Atlas film (Pic: Yodica)

* “Atlas and Pegasus have different rainbow-style tints: one have a random combinations of many colour, different in every frames, and the other one have a rainbow beam present in every frames.

Yodica’s Sirio film (Pic: Yodica)

* “Sirio has purple, blue and green effect.

* “With Antares you will obtain red, violet and deep blue effect.

Antares, with red, purple and blue tints (Pic: Yodica)

* “Vega will give blue, purple and orange effect to your shots.

* Polaris produces mint, glacial light blue and pinkish effect.

Polaris has a cooler blue tone (Pic: Yodica)

* And finally, Andromeda is only for indoor use for now. But we are working for make it outdoor. It has fuschia tones.

How do you produce the film?
We use a particular handmade machine created by us. We can’t tell you more!

Where are your films available?
We are present at ‘The Photographers’ Gallery’ in London, and now we are making arrangements in USA, Japan and Hong Kong. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for keeping you up-to-date with our future distributors! And we already working on new colours, so stay tuned!

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