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Amalfi scooter

I was in the Amalfi Coast for a friend’s wedding last year… four days of sun, superb food, and a lot of wandering around with a bag full of cameras, as anyone who’s been on a holiday with me will know is one of my traits. Walking around Amalfi, it was amazing how quickly you escaped the crowds… walk a few minutes down the side streets and all was quiet.

A bit further up from the shops and crowds was this somewhat battered old scooter, parked in the tunnel, visor cracked but the paintwork gleaming. All the scene needed was a person entering the frame…and the rich yellow of the guy’s shirt was perfect.

For Amalfi I’d taken my old Zenit E, one which I’d bought at London’s Greenwich Market and had been sat in a drawer til I’d started my 36×36 project for Flickr. I think the Zenit, which is marked with the Moscow Olympics logo from 1980, cost me the princely sum of £4. The selenium meter is pretty much spot on – this was shot on Fuji Velvia and the slide was perfect. The roll of film actually cost more than the camera.

Some more from the same holiday can be seen here

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