This blog began well over a decade after I became hooked on film photography. I bought a LOMO LC-A in 2000, which got me into collecting old manual cameras and experimenting with all sorts of photographic techniques. In that time, I’ve learned a lot, mostly thanks to shooting thousands of rolls of film and making plenty of mistakes along the way.

I mostly shoot 35mm, though there are a few 120 cameras in my collection of over 50 cameras too. I can’t resist second-hand camera shops, or snooping around in thrift shops or car boot sales for a bargain.

Part of this blog’s mission is to dispel some of the myths about film – that’s it’s too hard, too technical, too expensive, too confusing. Film still has a place alongside digital photography, and I hope you learn a little about it along the way. If this blog get a few people trying film and enjoying the results, I’ll have considered it a success.

I blog about the cameras I use:

Camera reviews on Kosmo Foto

Every camera or film you see reviewed on Kosmo Foto I’ve used myself. I try and put 10 or 12 rolls of film through a camera before I review it. I feel that’s enough to usually encounter any common foibles. This blog is a labour of love, and apart from testing cameras for LOMOgraphy, everything is paid out of my pocket. If anything you see on the site is provided for free, I’ll be transparent about it, but I won’t endorse anything I don’t feel happy using myself.

You might see ads on the site – they help with the hosting costs. You’ll also find affiliate links to eBay and Amazon where appropriate – do follow these links if you can; you won’t pay any extra on your purchase, but Kosmo Foto will get a commission that will help keep it up and running. (You’ll only see affiliate links to products I’d be happy to use myself)

I also blog about the places I travel – usually with a film camera or two in tow. It’s nice if film still (occasionally) gets to shoot some of the most picturesque and inspiring places in the world.

And more about me? I’m a transplanted New Zealander living in London since 1994. I’m mad about indie music, writing, travel, food and cricket when I’m not shooting on film.

My Flickr has all my pictures, though you can also find me on LOMOgraphy and I have a website where you can buy prints.

I’m also now on Instagram.

You can also follow this blog on Facebook.

I’m always happy to talk about photography – you can contact me here or at foto.dowling@gmail.com.


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