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Kosmo Foto Mono 100/36 35mm film

(5 customer reviews)


Kosmo Foto Mono is a 100-ISO panchromatic black-and-white film, perfect for all 35mm cameras.

Minimum order is only three rolls up to a maximum of 10. Your film will be sent by Royal Mail (mailing options are displayed in your basket).

Payments are via PayPal or Stripe.

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Kosmo Foto Mono is a 100-ISO panchromatic black-and-white film, perfect for all 35mm cameras.

The film is an existing emulsion made by a European film producer. It is factory-fresh new stock.

This new batch of the film features new packaging featuring a black-and-white image of the Kosmo Foto cosmonaut at each end of the packaging.

Kosmo Foto Mono can be used on sunny days, overcast conditions or indoors with studio lighting, flash or natural light.

The film is a traditional black-and-white chemistry that can be developed with formulations such as Perceptol, Tetenal and Rodinal.

Please note – this film can not be developed by minilabs that only run C41 processing.

Kosmo Foto Mono can be pull-processed to ISO 50 or push-processed to ISO 400 with corresponding changes in development time.

Additional information

Weight 35 g
Dimensions 6.25 × 3.75 × 3.75 cm

5 reviews for Kosmo Foto Mono 100/36 35mm film

  1. Mark Daniel (verified owner)

    People seem to crib the fact that this is made by a certain manufacturer, why not? Other films through that have come and gone have done the same thing. It is good to support a cottage business and help it flourish so that it can eventually develop its own emulsion….. That said, if you treat this film right by exposing a little more accurately than normal and develop in the range of Ilford powder developers (ID11, Perceptol, Microphen), with the appropriate speed adjustment and dilutions, you can achieve very good negs. Good old Rodinal and modern variants if you like grain more than the Ilford developers give.

  2. Bob McElroy

    I shot and developed my first roll of Kosmo Foto Mono at 100 speed with my 40-plus year old Nikkormat FT3 and developed it in Kodak D76 stock for 7 minutes was beyond pleased with the results. The whites are beautiful, clean and smooth, the tonality wonderful and the images very sharp and the grain barely visible. I am quite impressed with Kosmo Foto Mono and can’t wait to try the 120-size in my Rolleiflex. Thank you for producing a great film.

  3. Pedro

    I’m from Brazil. Do you send over here?


    • Stephen Dowling

      Yes indeed. I would suggest choosing Tracked option to make sure you can trace your parcel.

  4. Olyguy

    I love this film.

  5. Reginaldo

    Some photographers say that you should stick to a film to learn how to make the most of it, but I do love to try different films. When buying some new rolls for my personal stock, I saw Kosmo Foto Mono in the online shop and decided to buy 2 rolls and have some fun. I developed the first roll the day before yesterday and I’m surprised with the results! Low grain, wonderful tonality and good contrast for my taste, souped in home-brewed D-76. Now I think I should have bought more rolls! Good photos even indoors without flash, which is a condition where many films fail miserably. If you can grab some rolls of Kosmo, go for it!

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