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A Soviet time capsule from the 1950s

By Andrey Khludeyev It is a special feeling when you hold in your hand a camera produced 63 year ago and probably never used before. In...

Coronavirus: Which labs are still processing film?

  A few short months ago, 2020 looked like it would be a bright year for film photography. Events like the first Analogue Spotlight at...
Johnny Depp (right) in a clip from the film (Pic: Courtesy of Berlin Film Festival)

Watch a vintage camera-heavy clip from Johnny Depp’s ‘Minamata’

Last year, it was announced actor Johnny Deep would be playing renowned photojournalist W Eugene Smith in a biopic based on the photographer’s time...


Kosmopedia: Diana

A plastic novelty turned photographic icon. In 1958, a plastics factory in Hong Kong unveiled a new camera design. This was, some argue, the golden age...

Kosmopedia: Leica Standard

The Leica of the 21st Century doesn’t really do budget cameras. The cameras they make at their base in Wetzlar, Germany are precision items,...

Kosmopedia: Pentax MX

A cult classic from the decade of heavy metal. In 1976, Pentax unveiled a pair of diminutive new SLRs to rival Olympus’s extremely popular OM...

Camera reviews

Kosmo Foto wants your reviews and stories

If you’d described the last week to me as I prepared to toast in the New Year three months ago, I’d have been worried...

Ricoh KR-10 review

By Aaron Gold Since we’re celebrating the 101st year of Asahi Optical, the makers of Pentax cameras, I thought it would be fun to look...

Pentax 90WR review

By Lorraine Healy For as long as I have been photographing, I have had a quiet project-on-the-side, unrelated to any others I may have undertaken....

52 Photo Tips

52 Photo Tips #26: Don’t overlook toy cameras

This is the latest in a series in collaboration with Film's Not Dead. They were the cameras built for curious fingers and enthusiastic, is...

52 Photo Tips #25: f/8 and be there

This is the latest in a series in collaboration with Film's Not Dead There's a lot more to the photojournalist's maxim "f8 and be there"...

52 Photo Tips #24: Find a favourite film

This is the 24th post in a series in collaboration with Film's Not Dead. When you first start shooting film, the choices can be a...