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Kosmonauts: Jasper Kauth

I met Jasper on the first of the Kosmonauts photowalks in Greenwich last Summer. There was no missing him – not only is a...

FILM Ferrania release P30 film in selected European stores

FILM Ferrania’s P30 black-and-white film has been made available to several film retailers across Europe. The film, which was reformulated after an Alpha version was...

Camera Rescue crowdfunds basic camera repair video course

Camera Rescue, the Finnish camera repair agency, has unveiled a crowdfunder for a series of basic camera repair videos. The Camera Rescue Basic Course, which...


Kosmopedia: Pentax MX

A cult classic from the decade of heavy metal. In 1976, Pentax unveiled a pair of diminutive new SLRs to rival Olympus’s extremely popular OM...

Kosmopedia: Yashica T4/T5

Kyocera could have had no idea what it was doing when it launched the Yashica T4 on the world in 1990. The T4 was just...

Kosmopedia: Olympus XA2

The Lomo LC-A, if it were designed by a Japanese genius The Olympus XA2 is a viewfinder 35mm camera made by Olympus from 1980 until...

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Write for Kosmo Foto in 2020

2020 is with us, and Kosmo Foto has some big plans for it. Last year was the biggest year ever on Kosmo Foto. More than...

Lomography Fisheye 2 review

By Ronnie Brandon Flipping channels one summer's evening a handful of years ago I happened across a BBC1 feature about an analogue film revival. Congruity...

Pentax ES II: The camera that captured rock’s most iconic photograph

In May 2007, I went to take pictures of the Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers for a long-term project shooting bands at soundcheck. For...

52 Photo Tips

52 Photo Tips #26: Don’t overlook toy cameras

This is the latest in a series in collaboration with Film's Not Dead. They were the cameras built for curious fingers and enthusiastic, is...

52 Photo Tips #25: f/8 and be there

This is the latest in a series in collaboration with Film's Not Dead There's a lot more to the photojournalist's maxim "f8 and be there"...

52 Photo Tips #24: Find a favourite film

This is the 24th post in a series in collaboration with Film's Not Dead. When you first start shooting film, the choices can be a...