(Pic: Nicola Perantoni/Pexels)

Since January, I’ve been writing a series of film photography tips in collaboration with the wonderful Film’s Not Dead.

Film is undergoing something of a renaissance after a decade or so of decline, and many people are turning to it that were too young to use it the first time around.

If you’ve missed any, you can review all the tips so far in the first part of the series – from why you should always have black and white film on you, to why you should try cross-processing slide film and always keep a notebook with you.

#1 – Don’t spend too much


#2 – One camera, one lens

#3 – Always carry black and white film

#4 – Always carry a notebook


#5 – Don’t get frustrated

#6 – Pushing film

#7 – Try cross-processing


#8 – Learn the Sunny 16 rule

#9 – Use morning and evening light

#10 – Buy new film


#11 – Forget your flash

#12 – Keep film cool

#13 – Try medium format

(Pic: Chase Elliott Clark/Flickr)

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